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Natural remedies for constipation
Posted on Friday February 16, 2018

We look at some possible natural alternatives to laxatives for people looking to have a bowel movement. We also look at when to see a doctor.

How do I stop stress eating?
Posted on Thursday February 15, 2018

A look at emotional eating when people use food to cope with emotions, such as stress. Included is detail on the causes and common triggers to avoid.

Cancer: 'Ultra-processed' foods may increase risk
Posted on Thursday February 15, 2018

A new study suggests a possible link between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and raised risk of overall cancer, and breast cancer in particular.

What is the apple cider vinegar detox?
Posted on Thursday February 15, 2018

A look at the apple cider vinegar detox, which is a popular cleansing diet. Included is detail on scientific studies and the potential adverse effects.

Can't keep the weight off? This may be why
Posted on Thursday February 15, 2018

Our bodies don't take well to repeated dieting, which they perceive as potentially dangerous. One protein, however, may be key to weight management.

Going vegan could prevent type 2 diabetes
Posted on Tuesday February 13, 2018

Researchers have found that adopting a vegan diet has the potential to prevent type 2 diabetes in people who are overweight or obese.

What are sugar alcohols?
Posted on Monday February 12, 2018

Learn all about sugar alcohols, a substitute for sugar. We look at their uses, possible benefits and risks, and how they differ from standard sugars.

Is it safe to drink raw water?
Posted on Monday February 12, 2018

Drinking raw water is a relatively new health phenomenon, but are the rumors about its health benefits true; or is it dangerous? Find out here.

What are the signs of iodine deficiency
Posted on Monday February 12, 2018

A look at the signs of a deficiency in iodine, an important mineral that helps many bodily functions. Included is detail on diagnosis and the causes.

What should you not eat for IBS?
Posted on Saturday February 10, 2018

A look at foods to avoid for IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome. Included is detail on alternatives for trigger foods and how to avoid foods when ordering.